Positive impact of a wish

The impact of a wish

One of the perks of granting wishes for poorly children is hearing about the positive impact a wish has.

We often receive wonderful feedback from parents after a wish is granted. However we rarely hear just how far that positive impact goes.

Below is a beautiful message we recently received from a wish mum whose son had a wish with us in 2004:

“I just wanted to say yet another thank you to you all. In 2004 my son had a brain tumour and you granted him a laptop as he had lost the ability to write and most of his vision. It gave him back his world being able to communicate with friends and school from hospital.

Last year I am proud to say Luke graduated with a master’s degree in computer science. He now has his own flat and works in cyber security. He still has disabilities and a small part of tumour left, but he is living his life to the full and is happy. And that interest in computers is all down to the laptop from yourselves.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never could have imagined in 2004 still having Luke and for him to have come so far.”

This positive impact is what your ongoing support helps us to achieve. So many more children out there are in need of this support.

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