About our work

Our Work

Round Table Children’s Wish is a registered charity dedicated to granting handcrafted wishes for children and young people with life threatening illnesses across Britain and Ireland.


We pride ourselves on our supportive and caring approach in every aspect of our work, but most importantly in the granting of wishes. We do our best to make sure that every wish is handcrafted in its own special way. Therefore each wish meets the needs of each, individual child, young person and their wider family circumstances.

No two families are the same so why should the wishes be!

Our five core values guide every aspect of our work …


Each wish is tailored and organised to suit the needs and desires of the individual. From travel insurance to transport – we will arrange everything.


We care about creating a handcrafted wish that is right for the child and their circumstances. A wish should occur at a time when the child can enjoy it as much as possible. 


Cathy our wish coordinator provides a listening ear throughout the whole process. We take the time to consult families at each stage of the wish process.


We take the time to consider the impact of life threatening illness on the individual, family and wider family. 


We work in partnership with all those involved in the life of the child including family members, carers and health professionals.

To find out more about wishes visit our Wish Granting section.

We are dedicated to deliver the most personalised wish possible. It is our goal to grant a wish that creates long-lasting memories for all involved at a time when a wish is most needed.

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