Well done and thank you to the ‘Class of 2019’ London Marathon team!

Thank you so much to our incredible team of London Marathon 2019 runners – you are an inspiration!

It was an absolute pleasure for the charity to be there to support you at what is the biggest running event on our calendar!  We really hope you enjoyed participating in this momentous challenge and have come away from the London Marathon with some wonderful memories.

It really is a huge challenge to take part in and one that signifies the uphill struggle our wish children often endure whilst battling a life-threatening illness.

We appreciate all the effort and hard work you have put in over the past 6 months or so;  Training for a marathon is not easy, with months of training in the winter season, as well as spending all your spare time holding various events to fundraise your set minimum sponsorship.  It can be very time consuming and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!   Round Table Children’s Wish appreciate all your efforts to help our children and their families from the funds raised this year!

Once all sponsorship monies are collected in over the next couple of months, we are hoping to raise in the region of £70,000 collectively from the marathon team, which as you can imagine makes a massive difference to a small charity such as ours!

The weekend went really well and the charity enjoyed catching up with you at the Pizza Party Meal, the night prior to the marathon and we also had the pleasure of meeting some more of our runners in Greenwich Park on marathon morning for team photos.  We then moved and waited by the sidelines to try and see as many of you off from the start!

We were just were so pleased the weather was not too hot for you as you got ready to embark on this epic challenge!

After waving you off from Greenwich Park, we then headed to our cheer point at mile 17.  Hopefully you saw us as you ran by – and if not, we hope you got a cheer from our volunteer Jill Harris at Mile 26 on Birdcage Walk, near the end.

The atmosphere at the event was once again amazing and hopefully it helped carry you through at times when you were feeling tired and exhausted and wondering why you signed up!

It was an interesting team this year as we had two runners attempting Guinness World Records, including one of our runners (who we were thrilled to see made it onto the tele for an interview) dressed as a Marathon chocolate bar, hoping to run the fastest marathon dressed as a confectionery item and we had another runner who achieved a new Guinness Record for the fastest runner dressed as a snowboarder! Well done to both!

All in all, it really was a fabulous team of 37 runners who we were proud to have representing the charity.

Please see below a gallery from the weekend.  If you ran for us and you have some other photos you would like included, please drop me an email on samantha@rtcw.org and I will add them to the gallery.

Thank you again for your support.  Anyone interested in the 2020 London Marathon can contact Sam on the email address above or call 01202 514515.