Finley's Sleepover at London Zoo

Finley’s London Zoo Wish

Finley has a sleepover at the zoo!

Finley, aged 5, suffers from various medical conditions. To say he loves animals is an understatement. For his wish, Finley decided he wanted to visit London Zoo. Unfortunately, he was too young to do a “keeper experience” so we came up with something we thought even better; Finley was going to have a sleepover at the zoo!

The family headed off to London and spent the day looking at the animals and enjoying the activities. In the afternoon, they checked into the Gir Lion Lodge and had a lovely cabin for the night. Once the zoo closed, the family enjoyed a yummy dinner. Afterwards, the keepers took the family, along with other guests, on a private behind the scenes tour. They got to enjoy things that the public never see. After dark, they even went on a torch light tour of the zoo to watch the animals at night, before heading off to bed.

After breakfast, they helped prepare the food for some of the animals.

Finley was asked if he would like to do something else whilst they were in London but he and his brother wanted to spend the whole next day at the zoo too!

Later that evening the family headed over to a hotel for the night. That was amazing too! They enjoyed a swim in the hotel leisure club and then decided to go for dinner but changed their mind; the room was so “lush” they didn’t want to leave it so ordered room service instead.

After a long drive home, they were so exhausted from all the fun they went straight to bed. Finley and his brother, Charlie spent the next day reliving their adventures.

Mum said: “We had the most incredible time! The boys got to feed hippos, warthogs and monkeys. The whole experience has been amazing, thank you so much!!!!!

Giraffes and zebras are still firm favourites for Fin and Charlie now wants to be a zoo keeper! Fin has just been mesmerized!

We’ll sleep well, full of lovely dreams. I appreciate all of this more than I could ever say! Thank you.”


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