Clark's Disneyland Wish

Clark’s Disneyland Wish

Clark’s wish to meet his Toy Story heroes in Disneyland Paris comes true.


Clark, aged 5, was referred to us by his mum. He has several heart issues and has already undergone 3 open heart surgeries, with the prospect of more to follow.

He absolutely loves Toy Story and wanted to visit Disneyland to meet his heroes. We were of course very excited to be able to grant his wish!

The family spent 3 amazing days enjoying everything on offer in Disneyland Paris. Clark enjoyed it all, but especially loved ‘It’s a Small World’ and shooting aliens on the Buzz Lightyear ride. He was also impressed with the Car Stunt show. His parents were also pleased as they could rest their feet for a while!

The family enjoyed a meal at The Rainforest Café which Clark thought was great fun. On the last day Clark was invited to meet his heroes Buzz and Woody. He was totally overwhelmed to start with as they were much bigger than he expected but he soon relaxed and spent some time doing a bit of colouring with them.

Overall they had an amazing visit and have come home with lots of souvenirs, and more importantly some incredible memories.


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