Hass's Driving Wish

Hass’s Wish to Learn to Drive

Hass, now aged 18, suffers from kidney failure and was awaiting a transplant when he was referred to us. He was completely dependent on daily kidney dialysis and it was his wish to be able to have just a little independence by learning to drive.

We were delighted to grant his wish!! We arranged for Hass to start his driving lessons last year in July, which would enable him to get out and about on his own.


His lessons went very well and soon he had passed his theory test. He was well on his way to his dream of driving.

Along the way, Hass’s doctors found a kidney transplant for him, and so he had to take a break from the driving lessons. Unfortunately, all didn’t work out as planned which meant the new kidney had to be removed. Hass underwent several further surgeries and, understandably, it took him a little while to get back on his feet.

Once he had made a full recovery again, he pushed on with his driving lessons.

His perseverance paid off and we were absolutely thrilled when he passed his practical test in early November 2016!!

Hass will now be able to have that freedom he wished for.

I think we can guess what might be on his Christmas list this year!


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