Jeg's Laptop Wish

Jeg’s Laptop Wish

Jeg wished to have a brand new laptop.


Jeg was referred to us by Children’s Hospital for Wales. For his wish, he asked if he could have a laptop.

He wished for a new laptop so that he could complete the work for his college course and for a bit of online gaming too!

He researched laptops and knew exactly what would suit. After a conversation with his dad, Henry, he said he would love to visit us in Bournemouth. And so it was arranged for the family to visit us in the office, without him knowing!

Jeg was very quiet and not too sure what was going on. But his face lit up when he was presented with his brand new laptop.  Despite being a bit taken aback and unsure of what to say, from the look on his face he was clearly thrilled!

It was wonderful for us to meet Jeg and his family and to see first-hand how much his wish meant to him. The family left to enjoy some ice cream down the beach. We caught up with the family a few days later and heard that Jeg is pretty much surgically attached to his laptop now and they don’t see much of him!

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