Kelsey's Mockingjay Premiere Wish

Kelsey’s Mockingjay Premiere Wish

Kelsey was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 12 and underwent treatment. Sadly the tumour returned and she had to undergo further treatment.

She kept herself occupied by reading the Mockingjay novels and watching the film. It was her greatest wish to be able to see the premier of the next movie and meet the cast.

With the support of Lionsgate films we were able to make this happen.

Kelsey and her mum spent a few days in London and enjoyed a little bit of shopping and sightseeing before the big night. Kelsey and her mum were treated like VIP’s and even got to walk the red carpet themselves. All the stars of the movie came and said hello to her along with many other celebrities from TV and music. They were then escorted in to the cinema where there was popcorn and drinks waiting for them!

Kelsey said “The whole experience was so emotional and I’ll never forget it.”


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