Tallula's Wish

Tallula’s Dodie Clark Wish

Tallula gets to meet her idol Dodie Clark.


Tallula is 14 years old and lives with her family in Essex. At only 10 months old, she was diagnosed with Pneumococcal Septicaemia. The septicaemia caused a lot of damage, resulting in Tallula undergoing plastic surgery on her arms and legs.

Whilst she was in intensive care, the doctors discovered that her internal organs were not functioning normally. As a result, Tallula had to undergo many more hospital appointments to investigate the problems. She was diagnosed with Left Atrial Isomerism and Dextro Cardia which affect the heart. As well as Polyclinic, affecting the spleen.

On top of this she also has Situs Inversus, which means her visceral organs are reversed in the chest and abdominal cavity.

Tallula then had further setbacks when she was 8. The septicaemia had damaged the bones in her legs so she underwent surgery.

Surgery to correct the problems is ongoing.

Despite dealing with so much in her life already, Tallula likes to focus on the positives. She doesn’t want her medical conditions to stop her being a teenager.


Tallula is a huge fan of Dodie Clark. Listening to her music and watching her advice videos has really helped her cope with what she has been through. When it came to having a wish, Tallula asked for one thing – to meet Dodie in person.

The day before the big event, we arranged for Tallula and a friend to enjoy a shopping spree to buy new outfits and makeup. The next day a limo picked up the girls and whisked them off to London to meet Dodie and watch her gig.

The big moment had arrived and when Tallula finally met Dodie, she was so nervous and excited. They spent some time chatting and taking photos, before going and watching the gig.

After Tallula eventually sat down to enjoy the show, she started crying because she was so happy to have met Dodie.

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