Isabel’s Birthday Wish

Isabel (Aged 6)

Isabel, who has a heart condition asked if she could go to Disneyland Paris to celebrate her 6th birthday.

Isabel and her family spent 3 days having a blast in the parks. Mum said it was “absolutely magical”.

From start to finish they enjoyed every moment. But one of the real highlights was celebrating Isabel’s birthday at the Newport Bay hotel restaurant. The waiting staff came out with an ice cream Birthday cake and all sang Happy Birthday to her, plus the other guests joined in too! Isabel was absolutely thrilled to bits.

They loved all the rides especially Thunder Mountain. And the Mickey Magic show was so good they watched it twice!

The illuminations show made mum and dad shed a tear “it was just so beautiful, and we could see the joy on Isabel’s face.” There were many more tears shed during the wish but all tears of happiness.

Mum and Dad also let the children treat themselves to lots of souvenirs, so they all had special keepsakes of the wish. It was a wonderful time all round and mum said, “it is so beautiful and magical here.”