Mateusz’s Electric Scooter Wish

We granted Mateusz’s wish to have an electric scooter to help him get around

He has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which causes him to suffer from severe fatigue. Mateusz is a happy boy and loves cooking, arts and crafts and especially loves sticking things together with glue. He also enjoys horse riding and would like to learn to swim to help with his physiotherapy treatment. Due to his condition, he struggles with physical activities and previously had a scooter but had outgrown it.

His wish was to have a cool electric scooter. So we duly ordered the one he liked and Bridport Round Table kindly offered to make the presentation. He was so excited and tested the scooter to make sure he was happy. Having the scooter means he can get to school and travel around his neighbourhood easily. It helps him keep up with his friends and join in the fun.

Peter from Bridport Round Table said: “It was fantastic and as you probably can imagine little Mattie and the family were over the moon… and his little brother Piotr was very excited for his brother.”