Gift for a Wish

Choose your gift to support wishes

Help us grant an upcoming wish for a child suffering from a life-threatening illness just like Poppy, aged six who recently visited Disneyland Paris to meet the princesses.

Wishes with impact

Granting a wish helps a family cope with the stresses of their child’s illness. It allows them to experience some magical moments together.

‘“It was just priceless to see the kids enjoying themselves and feeling the stresses of the last two years melting away with the help of the lovely sunshine. The holiday has helped us remember how to enjoy life and we’re going to cherish every moment from now on.”

Help in the following ways:

Poppy’s Disney princesses wish

1 Cash donation

  • £10 would buy a small gift to compliment the child’s wish.
  • £30 would buy a backpack to take on their holiday.
  • £50 would buy an iTunes voucher.
  • £100 would buy a Character Breakfast at Disneyland Paris.

2 Gift vouchers

  • Vouchers can be used for all sorts of purchases whether that’s for a meal out, travel or a personalised gift.

3 Holiday stays

  • You could offer a hotel stay or other products and services that are included in the wish to help deliver a handcrafted package that meets the personal needs of the child.

4 Holiday money

  • Send us your unused euros or other European currency which can help the wish family with food, travel or even the odd ice cream or two!

We’ll work with you to ensure you know how your gift is being used within a wish.