Our ambassadors play a vital role in raising our profile

“A happy child makes for a happy family, even during the sad times in life. Round Table Children’s Wish is all about making that moment possible with just a little wish!” 

Mark Gilda – Area 14 Round Table & RTCW Ambassador

We have a number of ambassadors across the country, who are passionate about what we do. They work in partnership with us so that we can build on our ambassador Scheme. We provide support to them within their role, along with the resources they need to spread awareness of our work as wide and far as possible!

Our ambassadors are well informed and can speak confidently about us and our charity’s priorities. Should you meet one, ask about our work and how you can support the charity.

Members of Round Table, 41 Club, Tangent and Ladies Circle are often the first to take up this role. Although we have also recruited parents, young people and wider community ambassadors too.

If you are interested in this role or would like an ambassador to give a talk to your group or school, please get in touch.