2023 Wishes

Our History

Founded in Bournemouth in 1990

RTCW grant wishes for children between the ages of 4 to 17 who are suffering with a life-threatening illness. The children helped by the charity are often struggling with draining treatments and endless hospital visits.

The charity gives them something to look forward to at the times they need it most, and gives them and their families' special memories, to treasure when times do get tough.

We pride ourselves on our supportive and caring approach to the granting of Wishes. We do our very best to make sure that every Wish has been handcrafted' in its own special way so that it is a personal experience and meets the needs of each, individual child, young person, and their wider family circumstances - after all, no two families are the same so why should the Wishes be!

Our Patron

Harry Rednapp

What We Do

Deliver Handcrafted Wishes

...Handcrafted to ensure a meaningful and personal wish

Includes the Whole Family

...as they are part of the child's journey too

Work in Partnership

...because 'Together is Better' and brings added value to the experience

Provides Ongoing Support

from the time of referral until the end of the wish and beyond!

Wishes Completed in 2023

Wish 1 - Lancashire

B, aged 15, from Lancashire was referred to us whist receiving palliative care for a heart condition. He wished for a laptop to help him stay connected with his friends, for some schoolwork and to play games. He was delighted with his wish, and it has kept him occupied during his hospital stays.

"I don't know what to say to thank you for making my sons wish come true for getting a laptop. He is over the moon very happy to get that. Thank you so much round table charity for a fantastic gift for my son. Cathy you are amazing person the way you talk, and it means you have a great heart."

Wish 2 - Glamorgan

Alfie's wish was a Center Parcs.

Wish 3 - Lancashire

Lewis, aged 16, from Rochdale was diagnosed at 18 months old with Retinoblastoma in his right eye. He underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove his eye. The family were devastated when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year. The family were on such a roller-coaster of emotions and could not believe Lewis had to go through this again. Lewis has taken everything that has happened with a wonderful sense of humour. He studies hard, stays positive and continues to make his mum, Alison, very proud.

He has been through so much for his age, but he is a selfless and kind young man. Lewis and his family are very close, and they have supported each other throughout all his treatment. Lewis loves to game and was keen to have the latest Xbox. We were delighted that we could grant Lewis's wish. It is a wonderful distraction from all that he has been through and from the demands of his college work.

Wish 4 - The Midlands

Daniyal, aged 15, lives in Birmingham with his parents and little brother. For his wish he has asked to visit Alton Towers. We arranged a short stay for the family in an Alton Towers Woodland Lodge. The family had a magical time and Daniyal thoroughly enjoyed the rides, some pool time and a round of crazy golf. He was very happy to have some time away with his family.

"This was Daniyal's 1st ever holiday. That was his dream which you guys made it true . It was very nice break for Daniyal who got very medical complex health issues. I never think that I could take Daniyal for holiday because of health problem and financially. But thank you very much to you for making Daniyal's wish come true. You guys are amazing.
Thank you very much.
Love from Daniyal and Naghma"

Wish 5 - Kent

Bob, aged 13, from Maidstone is restricted in his activities and love to spend time watch Sidemen on YouTube so his wish was to meet the guys. From start to finish Bob and his mum had an amazing time.

"Our family are buzzing from Sunday. You don't know what this meant. Bob finally came out of his shell. It made him forget about life for a few hours and emotions are all over the place. He hasn't stopped smiling since. The guys were amazing and so down to earth. Bob will treasure the top KSI took off his back! He loved all the gifts and enjoyed the shopping spree in Hamleys. The generosity of the guys is unbelievable"

Wish 6 - East Yorkshire

Evie had a bedroom makeover.

Wish 7 - Cheshire

Daisy, aged 10, is from Chester, has Cystic Fibrosis. Her wish was to spend the weekend at Legoland Windsor.

"We enjoyed some lovely food, loved the pool and the evening entertainment, our bedroom was amazing, and the children thought the bunk beds were the best!

Even on arrival in our room there was a puzzle to solve, and the answers opened a secret safe which had special gifts for the children.

Daisy really enjoyed all the rides, and her favourite was the Pirate falls ride, and we went on more than once, even though we got soaking wet! Adam was in his element building Lego cars and racing them on a virtual screen. We still did not manage to do everything but what we did do was brilliant.

We all had an amazing time and would like to thank you and RT Children's Wish for the opportunity to make some special memories. We would not be able to manage such a trip at the level we got gifted through the hard work of you guys, and through the generosity of people donating and fundraising. Daisy's wish helped us to "recharge" as a family. We are a very close and this has helped us to keep supporting and carrying each other through the highs and lows of our lives.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you"

Wish 8 - Kent

Tyler wish was a new gaming PC.

Wish 9 - Kent

E, age 7, from Kent wished to have holiday with his family at Center Parcs.

The highlight for him was the pool complex. He was in total awe of everything that was going on. The family typically spent 5 hours a day there as he enjoyed it so much. Every time they tried to get out the pool, he would just drag them back! It was his absolute favourite place to be. Mum said that it was wonderful to see him grow in confidence when in the water and he was in absolute heaven when splashing and spinning around.

The family did manage to squeeze in some other activities including boat rides, wall climbing and mini aerial climbing. But the pool was always the place to be! They also enjoyed some BBQs in the sunny weather and some great family meals. There was so much to see and do and they made the most of every minute.

"Hi Cathy! Just to say thank you so so much for allowing us to take our little boy to Center Parcs, he had the absolute time of his life and was so happy! We truly had such a lovely holiday, and we are so grateful to the RTCW charity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx"

Wish 10 - Dorset

Carlos wish was drum lessons.

Wish 11 - The Midlands

I, an 8-year-old young lady and was referred to us by Acorns Children's Hospice where she receives respite care as she has Aicardi Goutières Syndrome. I lives in Birmingham and has never been to the seaside so she wanted to go to Blackpool with her family.

They all had a great time together and it was lovely to be so near the beach. The family stayed at a seafront hotel so were in a great location. Although the weather was a bit hit and miss, they managed to spend some days on the beach. They took the trams and enjoyed the many attractions, along with lots of shopping. They also made a visit to Blackpool Zoo, the local gardens and model village. Our wish child's favourite place was the beach, and they spent some evenings there too. The family all loved the hotel and everything Blackpool had to offer and hope to visit again one day.

Wish 12 - Dorset

Joseph's wish was a hand cast.

Wish 13 - Middlesex

Kyna aged 10 from Uxbridge is in remission following treatment for Medulloblastoma. Her wish was to go on a holiday in the countryside, so she spent an incredible few days in the Lake District.

Mum, Samneet said "it was the most beautiful place, and we absolutely loved it. The scenery was absolutely stunning."

The weather was very kind to them, and they spent every day exploring the area. They visited Ullswater, Kirkstone Pass, Keswick, Grasmere, Blockhole, The Pencil Museum, a short visit to Blackpool and many, many more places. The children burnt off some energy at the high rope climbing at Go Ape and they all enjoyed a leisurely boat trip on Lake Windermere. They sought out some lovely places to eat and plenty of ice cream was consumed! The family were so busy each day it was a joy for them to come back to their accommodation for a meal, to wind down and relax in the hot tub. Samneet said this was "the best family holiday they have ever had."

Wish 14 - The Midlands

Taylan, 7, lives in Nottingham with his family. For such a young boy he has had a very difficult time of the past few years and underwent surgery for a brain tumour. He is very excited to be going to Center Parcs soon to have some family time and Christmas fun.

Special thanks to Martin Cook of Melton Mowbray Round Table for making the wish presentation to our wish family.

Wish 15 - The Midlands

Jasmeet, aged 13, from Birmingham, suffers from a serious heart condition.

Jasmeet has such a tough time with her illness and with many stays in hospital. She remains positive, enjoys school and being with her friends. Samneet was delighted that we could grant her wish of an Apple Mac Book Air and is getting lots of use from it already. We also gave Samneet an iTunes gift card so that she can treat herself from the Apple Store.

Wish 16 - Norfolk

Imogen, aged 10, has Cystic Fibrosis and lives in Norfolk. Physio to keep her lungs clear is intense but exercise also helps with this. She enjoys cheerleading, cross country running and parks runs. Immy enjoys the challenge of her sporting activities. They help to take the focus off her treatment and physio. Cystic Fibrosis can make Immy feel isolated as she needs to be careful which children she mixes with.

The family must prioritise Immy and everything they do needs to revolve around her health.

Immy's wish was to have her own trampoline. Not only would this help with her fitness/physio for her lungs it will help with practicing her back flips, kickovers etc for her cheerleading training and advancements, and no doubt be great fun with her siblings.

It was with huge pleasure that we were able to make this happen for Immy. The family had prepared the area so upon delivery our very kind supporter, Norwich Castle Knights 41 Club member, Karl Sandall, his sons, and friend, along with Dad, Matt, set to work. This was a big build and took several hours but with all hands-on deck everything was ready for Immy.

We think the photos say it all, the hard work, and the absolute joy of Immy and her siblings.

Wish 17 - Hertfordshire

Sharleez, who is 6 years old, lives with her family in Hertfordshire. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a Wilm's Tumour. Sharleez spends a lot of time in and out of hospital, so she asked for an iPad to while away the boredom. The treatment also makes her feel constantly hot, so she asked for some air conditioning for her room, and we were happy to provide her with a small portable unit to help her feel more comfortable.

Wish 18 - Kent

Macey aged 14 from Canterbury is undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

She was diagnosed just before her 14th birthday and wanted to do something special for her 15th this year.

Macey has two loves, shopping, and boxing! For her wish she asked to see KSI v Tommy Fury boxing match in Manchester. With support from management and promoters we were able to make this happen. Macey spent the weekend in Manchester with her older sister, Am, where they did a spot of shopping before heading to the AO Areana. It was packed and the atmosphere was incredible. Macey is a big Tommy fan and was over the moon to be able to see his walkout to the ring. There were lots of matches and they had an amazing time. Macey loved every minute and enjoyed a very happy birthday.

Breakdown of Wishes

By County

  • Kent x 4 Wishes
  • Hertfordshire x 1 Wish
  • Norfolk x 1 Wish
  • Midlands x 4 Wishes
  • Middlesex x 1 Wish
  • Dorset x 2 Wishes
  • Cheshire x 1 Wish
  • East Yorkshire x 1 Wish
  • Lancashire x 2 Wish
  • Glamorgan x 1 Wish