The People Behind Round Table Childrens Wish

Meet The Team

Our small but dedicated team of staff grant hundreds of wishes and put the smiles on the faces of children who need them the most. The wonderful family we have are:

Cathy White

Wish Coordinator

Wish Coordinator

“As the Wish Coordinator at RTCW I have had the honour of granting wishes at the charity for over 15 years. No two days are ever the same. It’s always a pleasure to make wishes come true for such incredible children and to work with the families to ensure each wish is handcrafted and unique. It always makes my day to hear how much they enjoy their special wish.”

Meet The Trustees

Our Trustees are Parents, Community Partners and current members of Round Table, 41 Club and Tangent.
They do a fantastic job of ensuring that Round Table Children’s Wish can continue to grant handcrafted wishes. Our Trustees are:

Paula Farnfield

Clerk to Trustees

Clerk to Trustees

National Tangent President 2016-17 and past Ladies Circle National Secretary

Paula has been a supporter of RTCW from its inception through her Ladies Circle connection. She continued to support the charity through her Round Table family connections and jumped at the opportunity of a more proactive role as one of our trustees. Paula has previously worked as a project manager for a multi-national I.T. company. She puts her experience in budget and schedule management, event planning, and team building to use in growing the charity for the future.

Paula is an active member of Tangent following her background within Ladies Circle where she was a National Board Member. She is keen to support the on-going development of wishes and often attends our runs in support of people taking part for RTCW.

Paula is currently serving as National President for Tangent Clubs.

Greg Meadwell

Chair of Trustees


Greg a past National Membership Officer for Round Table and National Tabler of the Year 2012, is a chartered surveyor and partner in a surveying practice in the West Midlands, a junior school governor and an RICS Assessor for graduate surveyors final assessments.  He lives in Suffolk with his fiancée and two of her three children, one of whom is autistic.

Supporting RTCW throughout his tabling life at a local, area and national level, Greg even completed 80 miles on roller coaters, as well as parachuting and wing walking, he is currently training for an expedition to Everest Base Camp in October 2022.



Stuart Holt


Amina Hussain


Amina Hussain is a multi-award-winning specialist in forensic accounting, taxation, and practice accounting. She is the founder and director of SME Outsourcing, an accountancy firm in Birmingham, and is the former Co President of the Asian Business Chambers of Commerce which is part of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. She is the first British – Asian Bangladeshi to be appointed in this role in 34 years. She has served her term as Co President and has recently been engaged with assisting businesses on “scaling up businesses” by holding workshops on behalf of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

She has over 24 years of experience in accounting, finance and insolvency previously working for KPMG in their Corporate Restructuring Department. She worked for KPMG for 8 years which then lead her to set up her own accountancy practice. Amina provides business and tax advisory services locally and internationally and during the pandemic, she offered a voluntary service to all local businesses supporting them with claiming furlough and business loans and grants.

Amina was named one of ten Leading Businesswomen of 2021 by the CIO Times International. She won the Signature Awards Businesswoman of the Year in 2019 and the British Bangladeshi Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020.

As a mentor and coach, Amina guides young people on their future career paths in all business sectors. Amina has recently set up her academy to provide education, training, and qualifications to young people and also to help disadvantage people to gain employment opportunities.

Amina has also set up a FCA regulated firm, SME Financial Services Ltd with her co business partner offering lending facilities to individuals and businesses.

She has also recently joined The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Ireland where she is able to participate in conversations and take part in round table discussions which are heard at parliamentary level to make potential changes to UK government policies and legislation such as taxation policies.

 Amina Hussain has been recently appointed as Trustee of the Round Table Children’s Wish Charity supporting the organisation with helping them make more dreams a reality for poorly children.

Meet The Patrons

Our Patrons do a wonderful job at promoting us.
Our patrons support us because they believe that the work we do as a charity makes a big difference in the lives of the children and families we support. But don’t take our word for it! See what our patrons have to say themselves below:

Harry Redknapp

English Football Manager and Former Player

“This charity is very close to my heart. Whatever the kids want we try and make it happen. To grant a wish and help them fight their illness gives them and their family such a lift.” Visit Harry Redknapp’s website

Chris Jarvis

TV Actor and Presenter

“I’m absolutely honoured to contribute towards Round Table Children’s Wish as a Patron. This is a charity that brings so much happiness to children at a time when they are going through so much.”