Our ambassadors play a vital role in raising our profile

We have a number of ambassadors across the country, who are passionate about what we do. They work in partnership with us so that we can build on our ambassador Scheme. We provide support to them within their role, along with the resources they need to spread awareness of our work as wide and far as possible!

Our ambassadors are well informed and can speak confidently about us and our charity’s priorities. Should you meet one, ask about our work and how you can support the charity.

Members of Round Table, 41 Club, Tangent and Ladies Circle are often the first to take up this role. Although we have also recruited parents, young people and wider community ambassadors too.

Angela Hook

Hello Everyone! I am a member of Tangent, and Agora E-Club UK, having previously enjoyed many years in Ladies Circle (including two years as National Media & PR Officer).

The Round Table Family is a family like no other, bringing me into contact with some truly amazing people over the years – locally, nationally, and internationally! As well as offering me your friendship, I have seen – countless times – your dedication to helping those who need support, whether that is through voluntary work, fundraising, or simply giving up some of your time to help somebody in need.

I am incredibly honoured to have been asked to represent you as an Ambassador to the Round Table Children’s Wish Charity, and I will do my utmost to support our charity in helping to fundraise and fulfil family’s wishes, and to bring some happiness into their lives during the most difficult of times. Together, we can make a real difference in helping to make children’s wishes come true.

Dominic Brittain

Hello, Dominic here from Leigh-on-Sea Round Table 909 and past Essex Round Tables Area 33 Chairman 2021 – 2022.

Having joined The Association of Round Tables in 2015, I have had the privilege of making countless friends who are like minded individuals, looking for ways to help and give back to the community through means of fundraising and the support of charitable endeavours.

My personal journey in Round Table led me to working with Round Table Children’s Wish by means of participating in the 2023 TCS London Marathon, along with many others, raising important funds that are needed to help the children that are so deserving of the wishes they request. I was particularly honoured to be invited to join the charity in handing out a wish to a deserving recipient and their parent, something I can be proud of knowing I contributed largely towards.

Being asked to be an ambassador for Round Table Children’s Wish is not something I take lightly. The work they do to raise funds and aid the children who need their help is admirable and I intend to do whatever I can do help aid them in achieving their goals going into the future.

Lets make those wishes a reality!

Cameron Hardcastle

A highly experienced commercial professional with strengths across a range of disciplines. He has a background in senior / board level sales negotiation, both in an individual capacity and also as leader of sales teams in the vehicle leasing and School clothing industries. In his capacities of Sales Director and Managing Director, he has also had input into purchasing, budgeting, bank negotiation, marketing, merchandising et al. Latterly, ” Cameron’s experience within the Independent School sector was also called upon by a specialist recruitment company, who engaged him on a consultancy basis to help place teachers / support staff within Independent Schools throughout the UK.” As a firm believer in the value of building relationships, He has a wealth of personal contacts across various industries.

Why did I decide to become an ambassador?

Having worked at Board Level for many years, I have always been passionate about using my skills to make a positive impact on society. Having been to a recent presentation by Round Table Children’s Wish and their mission, I knew that it was an organisation that I wanted to be involved with.

As a father and grandfather, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing children suffer from serious illnesses. Being involved with a charity that can help grant wishes for these children is an incredible opportunity that I feel truly privileged to be a part of.

Gavin Belton-Rose

We are delighted to announce that Gavin Belton-Rose, with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, has joined The Round Table Children’s Wish as the new North West & North Wales Ambassador.

As a passionate advocate for the charity, Gavin will play a key role in raising awareness about our mission to grant handcrafted wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. With their extensive expertise in sales and marketing, we are excited to see how Gavin will bring innovative ideas and strategies to help us reach even more families who need our support.
In his role, Gavin will work closely with volunteers, stakeholders and supporters across North West & North Wales region. The primary focus will be on building relationships within the community, inspiring fundraising initiatives and promoting awareness about the vital work of our charity.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gavin as our new ambassador for the North West & North Wales region,” said Mike Turner, Charity Manager of The Round Table Children’s Wish. “His track record of success in sales and marketing combined with his passion for helping others makes him a valuable addition to our team.”

Gavin is equally excited about joining the team. “I am very pleased to have this opportunity to make a difference in my community by working with such an inspiring charity,” they said. “I look forward to using my skills and experience to help spread awareness about the incredible work that The Round Table Children’s Wish does every day.”

Matt Gilda

“A happy child makes for a happy family, even during the sad times in life. Round Table Children’s Wish is all about making that moment possible with just a little wish!”

Richard Carter

Now an Ex-Tabler I joined Round Table in the late 1970s. The friendships and fellowship of our Clubs has been a big and most enjoyable part of my life. Service and community involvement have always been a strong part of Round Table and the formation of this charity came from one Tabler’s personal experience which in typical Round Table fashion led to the creation of this small but dedicated charity over thirty years ago. I am delighted to become involved and to help as best I can to ensure that the wishes of those young people in need are achieved.

My working life was all in business in various parts of the country and with a variety of different companies. I have two children and three grandchildren and appreciate the good times with them whilst also understanding that life can throw you difficulties and hardships for which charities like this can provide an element of support and relief.

Manuel Andrew Martins

I joined Round Table in 1970 and took to it like a duck to water.  I have raised with the help of my clubs’ significant amount of money and helped and changed the lives of many people of all ages.

Our big success was fundraising to purchase a static caravan and basing it at White Sands Holiday Camp, Bognor Regis for about 10 years and giving up to twenty families a year a much need break from their family member illnesses. That involved interviewing and selecting families to ascertain their individual needs and arranging a roster for Table members to drive the individual family to the caravan and returning the following week.

Community Service has been my Manta all my life.  I have now been in 41 Club for thirty-five years and am a fully paid-up member of 4 clubs, Aipla Kights (based in Norwich), Kingston upon Thames, Medway, and Hamble Valley and Fareham 41 Clubs, and continue my community service.  I have housed homeless people in my own home helping them to prepare and set out on their own in employment and having their own accommodation.

I have worked with foodbanks in both Kingston upon Thames and Fareham. I am presently the Volunteer Coordinator Covid Clinics for the local PCN consisting of 4 medical practices.  I am heavily involved in Youth Football helping young people achieve their full potential in sport.

I am delighted to be an Ambassador for Round Table Children’s Wish.

John Mathews

An experienced business leader, providing strong strategic direction and leadership  across large corporate organisations and high growth SME’s.

Over the last 20 years, my senior management positions and experience has extended internationally, including UK, USA, mainland Europe and India.

My strengths, and enjoyment, lie in creating strong management structures and in the subsequent leadership of those teams to optimise growth within high performing companies.

I’m also a family man, with 4 children, 13-21 in age, and something of an endurance athlete, with 20+ Ironmans and the infamous 3,100 mile  “Race Across America” bike race under my belt.

Daniel Szanyi

Hi I’m Dan, from Bournemouth Round Table.

Delighted to be an ambassador for RTCW.

As an ambassador for RTCW, I am dedicated to supporting their cause and making a difference in the lives of these brave children. Join me in being a part of this extraordinary journey to bring happiness to those who need it most.

If you are interested in this role or would like an ambassador to give a talk to your group or school, please get in touch.