Our History

Our history began with Round Table …

Our history begins in the late 1980’s, when a group of Round Table members decided to make a very poorly child’s dream come true. That child’s dream was to go to Disney. The group worked hard raising money through a variety of fundraising events. Before long they had enough money to make the dream a reality. And so the very first wish was granted.

Due to the success of the wish, the group continued to fundraise, making more dreams become a reality for poorly children.

In 1990, Round Table Children’s Wish formed as an official charity. We continue to work very closely with Round Table and maintain a strong relationship. However, we do operate independently with a Board of Trustees who represent a variety of communities. We also continue to carry the name of Round Table and are proud to do so. This compliments our history and shows our appreciation for the support we receive from Round Table and its wider family, across Britain and Ireland. 

Over the past 30 years we have granted many, many wishes to some amazing children and young people. Our aim is to reach as many children as possible so that they have the chance to experience the joy of a wish at a time when it is most needed.

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