Tower of London – Beefeater Experience

22nd April


See The Handing Over of the Keys from the inside in a once in a lifetime experience.

The Chief Yeoman Warder then hands the lantern to the drummer and they all march to the outer gates of the Tower.

The Chief, assisted by the Tower’s Watchman, closes, locks and secures the outer gates, while the escort stand guard. The same process takes place at the inner gates. The Chief Yeoman Warder moves two paces forward, raises his Tudor bonnet high in the air and says: ‘God preserve King Charles’.

The guard answers ‘Amen’, exactly as the clock chimes ten, the soldier representing the drummer sounds 'The Last Post' on a bugle.

The Chief Yeoman Warder takes the keys back to the King's House, to hand them back to the King’s representative at the Tower, The Resident Governor, and the Guard is dismissed.

  • Arrive

  • See the ceremony of the keys from the inside This will be a memory never forgotten!

  • After the ceremony, join the Beefeaters in their very own bar –a once in a lifetime experience.

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