24 Wishes in 2024

Our 2024 target is to provide 24 wishes in 2024

It may have been a wet summer but the wishes have been pouring in at RTCW, with the generous donations we have received, RTCW has brought joy and happiness in the time when a family need it most.

We pride ourselves on our supportive and caring approach to the granting of Wishes. We do our very best to make sure that every Wish has been handcrafted in its own special way so that it’s a personal experience and meets the needs of each, individual child, young person and their wider family circumstances – after all, no two families are the same so why should the Wishes be!

RTCW work with organisations and companies who want to get involved with our work, using the same ‘handcrafted’ approach. Whilst there are many ways in which your organisation can support the charity, we will work with you every step of the way to handcraft the partnership by identifying what suits the needs of your organisation the best.

A few wishes from 2023

Xbox Wish

Lewis, aged 16, from Rochdale was diagnosed at 18 months old with Retinoblastoma in his right eye. He underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove his eye. The family were devastated when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. The family were on such a roller-coaster of emotions and could not believe Lewis had to go through this again. Lewis has taken everything that has happened with a wonderful sense of humour. He studies hard, stays positive and continues to make his mum, Alison, very proud.

He has been through so much for his age, but he is a selfless and kind young man. Lewis and his family are very close, and they have supported each other throughout all his treatment. Lewis loves to game and was keen to have the latest Xbox. We were delighted that we could grant Lewis’s wish. It is a wonderful distraction from all that he has been through and from the demands of his college work.


Center Parcs Wish

Our wish child, age 7,  suffers from a complex lung condition. He was so excited to be able to visit Center Parcs. His best friend had been there and told him just how brilliant it was.

The highlight for him was the pool complex. He was in total awe of everything that was going on. The family typically spent 5 hours a day there as he enjoyed it so much. Every time they tried to get out the pool he would just drag them back!  It was his absolute favourite place to be. Mum said that it was wonderful to see him grow in confidence when in the water and he was in absolute heaven when splashing and spinning around.

The family did manage to squeeze in some other activities including boat rides, wall climbing and mini aerial climbing. But the pool was always the place to be!

They were able to enjoy some BBQs in the sunny weather and some great family meals. There was so much to see and do and they made the most of every minute.

“Hi Cathy! Just to say thank you so, so much for allowing us to take our little boy to Center Parcs, he had the absolute time of his life and was so happy! We truly had such a lovely holiday, and we are so grateful to the RTCW charity xx. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”.


Blackpool Wish

A little girl, age 6, from Birmingham spent a few days in Blackpool.

The family all had a great time together and were thrilled to be so near the beach. The family stayed at a seafront hotel so were in a great location. Although the weather was a bit hit and miss they managed to spend some time on the beach.  They took the trams and enjoyed the many attractions, along with lots of shopping. They also made a visit to Blackpool Zoo, the local gardens and model village. Our wish child’s favourite place was the beach, they even spent some evenings there too. The family all loved the resort and everything Blackpool has to offer and hope to visit again one day.

With your support we can make more wishes come true!