Skyline Parachuting – Skydives!

We offer skydives all over the UK through Skyline.

A Tandem skydive is the easiest and most popular of all skydives. It requires only 30 minutes of training before you then jump, strapped to your instructor! The BPA (British Parachute Association) qualified tandem instructor does all of the hard work for you, allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying through the clouds from over 10,000 feet at up to 120 mph!

If you would like to jump, there are a variety of options, each one will involve a compulsory registration fee which goes to Skyline.  The cost of the jump itself varies with this money going to the airfield.

If you choose the self-funding option, you pay the registration fee and the jump costs yourself and then can raise anything you are able for charity.

If you choose to fundraise to cover the cost of the jump, then you would pay the registration fee to sign up and reimburse yourself this amount from the fundraising.  You would need to raise a set minimum sponsorship and Skyline would either invoice the charity for the jump costs once we have had the fundraising in from the participant or Skyline can retain it, if the participant fundraises through their Do It For Charity fundraising page and transfer the balance to the charity as fundraising.

There are various jump locations across the UK.  More information about Skydiving can be found on Skyline’s website