Make Waves for Wishes

Festive Swim – Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, the choice is yours…

Make Waves for Wishes – anywhere, anytime and enter our festive swim on either Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve.

1000s of swimmers across the country take part in the festive swim over the Christmas period. The deeply rooted Finnish tradition has become a fun, festive dip and you can submerge yourself with the gift of giving by supporting our wishes.

Take the plunge in a festive outfit or chosen swim wear and see how long you last in the water!

Support a small charity make a BIG difference!

Help us bring a little more sparkle to sick children over Christmas. Some of our tangible wishes such as an iPad with accessories offers an educational purpose when absent from school, as well as a tool to communicate with friends during long stays in hospital when receiving medical treatment. The accessories are the fun elements such as computer games where our wish children can play and escape from their illness.  

How we support you:

  • A Fundraising Pack containing lots of inspiring fundraising ideas.
  • A charity t-shirt.


Registration is FREE, all we ask is for you to make a personal donation of your choice. Perhaps, substitute one Christmas treat for a charity donation, it could be the price of a coffee or a bottle of wine.  

Sprinkle some magic and donate a fee of your choice by scanning the QR or clicking the link below

Get in touch:

If you wish to enter or would like more information please contact our fundraising team by email at [email protected] or call on 01202 514515.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and we strongly advise to bring thermals, a big warm jacket, woolly hat and a hot drink to warm you up after your big dip.

Please be aware, there are a number of risks when you suddenly immerse yourself in cold water and the swim is at your own risk.