Daisy’s Wish

Daisy, aged 7, is from Chester and has Cystic Fibrosis. She has just spent a long weekend in Legoland Windsor with her parents and little brother Michael.

Krystyna, Daisy’s mum had the following to say:

We enjoyed some lovely food, loved the pool and the evening entertainment, our bedroom was amazing, and the children thought the bunk beds were the best!

Even on arrival in our room there was a puzzle to solve, and the answers opened a secret safe which had special gifts for the children.

We also enjoyed the sweet treats family gift box, and we are still munching our way through the goodies at home!

And when Daisy was asked what she enjoyed:

Daisy really enjoyed all the rides, and her favourite was the Pirate falls ride, and we went on more than once, even though we got soaking wet!

Michael was in his element building Lego cars and racing them on a virtual screen.”

We came back with lots of Legos, an umbrella, the cool mini figurines, a few plush Lego toys, two set of swords and shield, some fridge magnets, and a Lego flag.

We had a great time, even though Daisy was poorly on Sunday we still managed to do few things later that day.

A pit stop at Windsor

On the way home we stopped in Windsor, managed a walk around and had a photo in front of the castle.

We all had an amazing time and would like to thank You and RT Children’s Wish for the opportunity to make some special memories.

We wouldn’t be able to manage such a trip at the level we got gifted through the hard work of you guys, and through the generosity of people donating and fundraising.

Daisy’s wish helped us to “recharge” as a family. We are a very close and this has helped us to keep supporting and carrying each other through the highs and lows of our lives.”


A huge thank you from Daisy and her family

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

For families of children with life threatening illnesses time out in not a luxury but a necessity.

A break away from routines and the demand of everyday life is a much-needed tonic, that gives the strength and composure required to refuel and carry on caring for one another.

Our family would like to send heartfelt thanks to Round Table Children’s Wish for allowing us the opportunity to spend some quality time with one another at the fabulous Legoland Windsor, and for making children’s wishes come true.

We had a great time and made some long-lasting memories.

All the team at RTCW are delighted that we were able to grant Daisy’s incredible wish weekend.