Kaiden’s Wish

Kaiden’s wish for a shopping trip

Kaiden, aged 12 years old, is suffering from relapsed Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare cancer that affects the bones and surrounding tissues.

Despite the regular hospital visits and painful treatments, Kaiden is always smiling. He has remained a bubbly outgoing boy who doesn’t let anything knock him down.

For Kaiden’s wish, he asked for a shopping trip to Smyth’s Toys, Amazon and the Lego Store to buy himself some new toys and games.

With the current COVID restrictions coming into place, obviously we were not able to send Kaiden on an actual shopping trip. However, we were able to treat him to a virtual one! We sent him some vouchers to use online so that he could still have that much deserved shopping spree.

Mum said “Thank you to you all at Round Table Children’s Wish! Kaiden has spent some of the vouchers on a Fortnite Switch! You have put that big smile on his face!”

Kaiden's wish