Our Young lady’s Orca Wish

A Special Nature Wish.

A young lady, aged 15, from Nottingham has Cystic Fibrosis. She was referred to us by her Cystic Nurse and loves nature and wildlife. Her biggest passion is sea life and especially Orca whales and it was her wish to see them in the wild. Working with the family we were able to arrange for them to travel to the Isle of Mull. Nobody was very hopeful of seeing any Orcas as it was so late in the year and sightings are very rare but the family were looking forward to a break away. Our young wish lady and her parent spent a few days on the island enjoying their surroundings. The highlight of the visit was a boat trip.  The family were told that they would see lots of wildlife but sadly there was no mention of Orcas. They spotted a minky whale, dolphins, porpoises and lots of wild birds. Then, literally out of the blue came two Orcas’!  Everyone on board was ecstatic. The Orcas hadn’t been sighted since April. Mum said “ it was almost as if they came out just for our daughter”. The Orcas are a resident pair who travel all along the West Coast of the country and are called Jonco and Aquarius and we’re delighted they came to say hello to our wish family.