Tylers Wish

Tyler, aged 16, lives with his family in Kent.

His mum, Claire, was kind enough to share a little about Tyler.

“He is a very determined young man. He has loved field hockey since he was 8 years old and never misses training or matches. He is an avid Charlton Athletic Supporter and shares this hobby with his Grandad, Uncle and brother.  He sat his GCSE this year and is now attending college. He is pursuing a career in Accountancy. He has also been working part time in a shop.

At the beginning of the year, we noticed that he had developed this cough. We initially thought it was linked with tonsillitis, but it didn’t go, and seemed to get worse over the next couple of months. We took Tyler to the GP who requested a chest x-ray, but also mentioned it maybe an allergy to our hamsters. Tyler had developed an up and down temperature, but no reason why so was put on antibiotics to cater for all infections. Whilst he had this temperature he went for the x-ray which showed some shadows. He was called for a CT Scan which showed possible Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Following a biopsy it was confirmed on 8th August that he did indeed have cancer and soon was taken over by more hospital visits and treatments. He lost his hair after 3 weeks, luckily he only had a few minor side effects like mouth ulcers, dry eyes, acne, and leg pains but he had to stop hockey training, one of his all-time loves. He missed quite a lot of college due to hospital visits although he still managed to go to work and attend college on his non hospital days.

He has shown a fantastic attitude to it all and has carried on the best he can. I am pleased that he hasn’t suffered with it as much, but it is still hard to see your child go through something like this. He is a true inspiration and now just as we are hitting the Christmas Season he can finally ring the bell”.

For his wish Tyler asked for a gaming PC so our Charity Manager Mike met with him and his mum to present his early Christmas gift of the PC, monitor and accessories. Tyler is very happy and cannot wait to get everything up and running and no doubt have a marathon gaming session!