A Harry Potter Dream Come True!!

Immersed in the World of Harry Potter!


We sent a 9 year old boy from the North West of England , who was diagnosed with a Germ Cell Tumour to be immersed in the world of Harry Potter!

As well as being brave and remaining positive throughout treatment and surgeries this amazing little boy became obsessed with all things Harry Potter. During his treatment he watched the movies every day and his parents also read the books to him. This really helped him through everything that was happening.

With a love of Lego and Harry Potter and as he already had a growing collection of Harry Potter Lego, he wished to visit the Warner Bros Tour.

During the countdown to the trip, we arranged for some special gifts to be sent, including a personalised trunk.

Family said: “Everything you have done has had a beautiful touch, from the surprise trunk, every individually wrapped gift (which was like Christmas day), the tickets and the howler”

The family spent a couple of nights at a hotel near the Studios and were able to relax in the hotel pool before and after their visit. It was a lovely way for them all to unwind and relax together.

The Studios tour was more than they could imagine, and they struggle to find the words to describe their experience. But they had a ball and are still taking it all in at home and sorting through the mountain of souvenirs chosen in the shop!!

Family said: “What a wonderful week we have had, THANK YOU for everything you and Round Table Children’s Wish, for making a special memory to treasure for a lifetime as a family and a dream come true”