Jasmine’s Reading Spa Wish

Jasmine, aged 15, lives with her family in Hull. She was originally referred to us in 2019 and her wish was delayed due to covid.

Jasmine was diagnosed with Metastic Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. She underwent treatment and things were very up and down. Everything was stable for quite a while but  recently Jasmine became poorly again and is now having to undergo further treatment.

Jasmine has a passionate love of literature, and her wish was to visit the famous Mr B’s Emporium book shop in Bath. Jasmine was being supported in hospital by her mum, so her Grandma Irena was pivotal in liaising with our wish coordinator to make sure everything was arranged for Jasmine’s wish.

The family spent 4 days enjoying everything bath had to offer, with the highlight for Jasmine being her visit to Mr B’s Emporium where she enjoyed their personal Reading Spa experience. The staff spent a lot of time with Jasmine discussing books and helping her discover new authors and books she would enjoy. This was of course accompanied by coffee and cake!

She enjoyed Mr B’s so much that she went back a second time during her trip!

Jasmine really enjoyed spending her gift vouchers and now has lots of books to get stuck into. We’re sure these will help her through her relentless appointments and stays in hospital.

Jasmine’s family said:

“We had the most amazing time and absolutely loved every minute. We did Mr B’s emporium and spent a really long time there, The Roman Baths, Jane Austen Museum, Royal Crescent Spa, Italian restaurant, pizza, afternoon tea, and even more. Thank you so so much”

The family packed so much into their visit, and we are we are delighted that Jasmine and her family enjoyed such a special wish.