Paige’s Wish

Paige’s Wish of a Shopping Spree 


Paige is 16 years old and undergoes dialysis 3 times a week and will require a kidney transplant.

Her original wish was to attend her school prom, put to this task, we were excited for Paige to show up in the ultimate A-lister outfit with a new dress, glamorous hairstyle and trendy nails. However, due to Covid restrictions the event was cancelled. Paige chose her second wish for a shopping spree. She wanted to buy a Samsung tablet, clothes, shoes and make up. This came at the right time for her as she had recently undergone surgery and needed a well-deserved pick me up and self-care treat.

Alongside looking for ways of a pamper day for Paige, these items will provide a creative, fun outlet for self-expression to allow Paige to focus on more positive moments and not on the stressors in her life.