William’s Wish


An Adrenaline Filled Theme Park Adventure!!


William is age 5 and was diagnosed with a low grade hypothalamic optic pathway glioma (Brain tumour)

As a result of the tumour William has been left severely visually impaired. He has recently finished 18 months of treatment including chemotherapy and medications and of course long hospital stays.

His wish to Legoland was to celebrate this and have something to look forward to. William was joined on his wish by his cousin Oliver, and they had a lot of fun together!

William still has scans, check-ups and possibly more treatment to go but all though a nerve-wracking time for all concerned they are staying positive for the future.

William’s Mummy Charlotte said;

“It’s been such a horrid couple of years and even now with treatment ending , there are still so many hospital appointments and so much worry. This was such a wonderful way to escape all of that, to celebrate William’s end of treatment”

William was incredibly strong during his treatment despite getting a cold and chickenpox on top of everything else. Everyone is so proud of him. He loves school and is currently learning braille and showing his parents too.


William is an incredible young boy!!