Sonny’s Wish

Sonny’s wish for an iPad to enjoy his favourite films.

Sonny, aged 8 was referred to us by Bristol hospital. Due to his complex medical diagnosis and issues, he has recently undergone life saving surgery and is in hospital longer term. He is completely reliant on his parents to meet all of his care and medical needs, and needs to spend long periods in bed to alleviate his pain.

Sonny enjoys spending his time watching Disney films and playing interactive games. Sonny’s face lights up when he sees his favourite characters on screen. He will laugh and smile, and enjoys sharing these moments with people.

Sonny is very noise sensitive and doesn’t like loud noises and lots of people talking. Unfortunately, being in hospital this is often the case, and is difficult to limit.

For Sonny’s wish, he wanted to have an iPad with a big screen.  This would help distract him whilst recovering in hospital and aid his wellbeing.

We were delighted to provide an iPad Pro for Sonny’s wish, along with a stand and wireless noise cancelling headphones. This has enabled him to watch his favourite films and to download games to play during his stay.

Sonny’s nurses said “The family were so grateful to receive the generous gift from your charity.”


Sonny's Wish